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6 June 2018 - 7 June 2018
Graz, Austria
chii2018 - Conference on Hyperspectral Imaging in Industry


Delta optical thin film
Delta Optical Thin Film A/S develops and manufactures custom Bifrost Continuously Variable Bandpass Filters (CVBPF) for mid-size and full-frame CCD/CMOS sensors (e.g., 25 mm x 25 mm or 24 mm x 36 mm). These filters offer very high transmission and are fully blocked in the light-sensitive wavelength range of silicon-based detectors (200 nm to 1150 nm). The combination of CVBPFs with silicon detectors allows the design of very compact, robust and affordable HSI detectors that offer several advantages and benefits over conventional approaches.
Stemmer Imaging

STEMMER IMAGING is Europe's largest imaging technology provider with head office in Germany (Puchheim near Munich) and subsidiaries in many European countries.

Our mission is to provide the users and developers of imaging technology with competitive advantage by adding value in the supply of quality components, expertise and support. Everything from a single source.

Bruker Optics

Bruker Optics, part of Bruker Corporation is the leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of FT Infrared, Near Infrared and Raman spectrometers for various industries and applications including Remote Sensing.

Bruker entered the field of FTIR spectroscopy in 1974. The early instruments set new standards in research with evacuable optics, high resolution and automatic range change.

The Bruker Hyperspectral Imaging system HI 90 is an imaging remote sensing system based on the combination of a Michelson interferometer and a focal plane array detector. The system allows real-time identification, quantification and visualization of potentially hazardous gases from long distances.
Allied Vision
For over 25 years, Allied Vision has been helping people to reach their goals focusing on what counts. Allied Vision supplies camera technology and image capture solutions for industrial machine vision applications and embedded systems. With a deep understanding of customers’ needs, Allied Vision finds individual solutions for every application, a practice which has made Allied Vision one of the leading camera manufacturers worldwide in the machine vision market.

The company has nine locations in Germany, Canada, the United States, Singapore, China, France, and the UK, and is represented by a network of distribution partners in over 30 countries.
Specim Spectral Imaging Ltd. – Light is our passion.
With more than 5 000 instruments and spectrographs delivered and in daily use, Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd. is the world leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems. Specim's success is driven by our passion for light. Today that passion has resulted in a range of products from the most advanced remote sensing applications to industrial OEM segment and easy-to-use handheld devices. For more information, visit www.specim.fi
perClass BV provides software for intuitive interpretation of spectral images. It has 10 years of experience in delivering state-of-the-art machine learning solutions to industry. Its perClass software suit has been used to sort rocks, detect traffic accidents, identify cancerous tissues and grade food products. The new perClass Mira enables quick design of classification solutions without programming or machine learning expertise.
SILIOS Technologies
SILIOS Technologies is specialized in micro-optics for multispectral applications. It offers the development of specific multispectral filters or cameras adapted to the customer exact needs. In particular, the customer can choose the commercial sensor adapted to its application, the number of wavelengths (2 to 16), their centering etc..

SILIOS Technologies proposes also compact (5x5x2cm3), lightweight (60 gr) and low cost multi-spectral VIS/NIR cameras These cameras are based on the proprietary COLOR-SHADES® multi-spectral filter technology presented above and are made by an hybrid assembly of this filter onto a monochrome commercial CMOS imager. This multi-spectral filter replaces the standard RGB color Bayer matrix to provide 8 “single-color” pictures plus 1 B&W picture (panchromatic channel) of the scene.
Xenics Infrared Solutions
Xenics is a pioneer of path-breaking infrared technology with a proven track record of sixteen years. Xenics designs and markets infrared imagers, cores and cameras of best-in-class image quality to support innovative R&D, industrial automation, machine vision, process control and high-end security applications. The company offers a complete portfolio of line-scan and 2-D area-scan products for the VisNIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR ranges. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Xenics delivers state-of-the-art imaging solutions as well as specifically targeted and optimized custom designs.
LLA Instruments
LLA Instruments GmbH & Co. KG is a developer and manufacturer of spectroscopy-based technology for chemical imaging in industrial process and for laboratory usage. LLA´s product portfolio includes UV-VIS and NIR hyperspectral cameras, dedicated illumination systems, RGB line scan camera, hyperspectral scanner systems, XRF-detection system and high-resolution Echelle spectrograph. For nearly 25 years, LLA has been a worldwide leader in the industry for quality control, sorting and recycling applications, and is present in the academics for high profile research projects.
Polytec is the market leading manufacturer of optical vibration measurement systems and distributor of optical sources, optical measurement instrumentation, machine vision components and high end camera systems. With more than10 years of experience in hyperspectral imaging, Polytec covers the full spectral range from UV to IR and provides lightweight systems for drone use as well as compact stand-alone systems.
KESTRELEYE GmbH provides image-based automation solutions for industrial sorting, monitoring, measuring and controlling purposes. Our product range comprises standard and customized software as well as entire automation systems consisting of software, hardware (e.g. cameras, lighting, automation components) and the integration of these into existing systems.

In developing our software, we focus on object-based image processing and classification, machine learning and real-time capability. Additionally, our products support several different sensor types (e.g. RGB cameras, hyperspectral cameras, 3D sensors) which can also be combined in any way.

This concept enables us to provide solutions which are extremely versatile and are used in a broad variety of industrial sectors and applications. They are very reliable and provide remarkably high sorting accuracies. Due to the machine learning aspects our software is also very easy to use when compared to similar products and can also handle extremely complex tasks easily.
For more than 30 years, Laser 2000 supplies Photonics and FiberOptic solutions matching even the most demanding applications. We cooperate with global leaders to supply customer-specific solutions from a single source. We are avid promoters of optical technologies and are always on the cutting edge of development, products and application options.

Photonics is our passion and profession alike. It is also the basis for insuring best customer satisfaction as a leading player on the European market for optical technologies in the photonics century.

Resonon, Inc. is a high-tech optics company located in Montana/USA specializing in hyperspectral imaging systems, used for research and industrial sorting. Applications include precision agriculture, environmental sciences, and automated sorting.

Resonon has in-house design and engineering capabilities, including optical, electrical, and software engineering, CNC machining, and laboratory, testing, and calibration facilities. Resonon’s strengths are our high-precision user-friendly products, affordable pricing, and excellent customer support.

Photonfocus is a Swiss pioneer in state of the art CMOS sensor and camera manufacturing for machine vision and related markets. Our portfolio includes powerful, easy-to-use and precise 3D, Hyperspectral, Highspeed and OEM/BoardLevel cameras, sensors and accessories, designed to fit seamlessly and to enhance the performance and reliability of your application.

Photonfocus has earned a reputation as best-in-class partner when it comes to engineering customized and adaptable solutions for demanding technological challenges.

We are looking forward to meeting you in our booth at the chii 2018!

With over 7000 standard LED Lighting illuminators and controls, Metaphase Technology offers the world’s largest selection of custom machine vision and specialty LED illumination products. Since 1993, Metaphase has been advancing machine vision lighting through innovation with their latest advancements in the multispectral, hyperspectral, and SWIR (short wave infrared) LED technology.

Fraunhofer ENAS
Fraunhofer ENAS offers research and development services starting from the idea, via design and technology development or realization based on established technologies up to tested prototypes. The institute provides expert assistance in the realization of innovative and marketable products and helps to transfer them into production. Application areas are aeronautics, automotive industry, communication technology, the security sector, logistics, agriculture, process technology and medical, mechanical engineering.

Journal of Spectral Imaging
JSI—Journal of Spectral Imaging is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal covering all areas of spectral, hyperspectral and chemical imaging. Papers are welcomed on all topics where spatial and spectral information is obtained in the same measurement. All papers are freely available and can be read from the journal’s website at https://www.impopen.com/jsi
inspect (circulation: 20,000) is the leading European magazine for machine vision and optical metrology. It is read across all industries by experts and decision-makers involved in the application and procurement of these components, products and technologies. inspect is published 7 times per year incl. the annual EMVA Buyer´s Guide. In addition the inspect portal www.inspect-online.com and the related monthly newsletter provide up-to-date information for this target group.
The trade journal inVISION (circulation 15,000 copies) covers the topics machine vision, identification and imaging. In addition to the print version, the inVISION newsletter – with more than 18,000 subscribers – along with the VISION fair bi-weekly newsletter keeps readers up to date regarding machine vision news and products.
Quality Engineering
Quality Engineering - the specialist magazine for quality management is devoted exclusively and extensively to the story behind the company, the product or solution as well as the strategies and problems relating to quality. Quality Engineering continues where others stop. A mixture of exciting interviews, lively reports and columns of well-known authors accompany the articles. The target group includes specialists for quality assurance, management and measurement technology in innovative (large and medium-sized) companies in all industries. Quality Engineering is published four times a year. In addition there are special editions on the occasion of important trade fairs.
Spectroscopy Europe
Spectroscopy Europe has been informing users of spectroscopic instrumentation in Europe since 1975 with articles, columns, news, new products and a comprehensive diary of conferences, courses and exhibitions. Print, digital web and app editions are available. Register for free at https://www.spectroscopyeurope...
Vision Systems Design

For over 20 years, Vision Systems Design has provided in-depth technical and integration insights focused exclusively on the information needs of machine vision and image processing professionals. These professionals face evolving system design and installation approaches, product and system capabilities, technologies, and application opportunities.

Our editors address these complex issues through a variety of offline and online information products that help vision and automation professionals develop and manage vision systems today and optimize those systems for the future.
Imaging & Machine Vision Europe is the multi-platform resource for suppliers, integrators, and OEMs of imaging and machine vision technologies in Europe. Readers have access to Europe’s only dedicated magazine for design and production engineers working in scientific imaging and machine vision markets; news of the latest developments and trends in the industry; informed commentary and analysis; and independent, in-depth editorial content. Imaging & Machine Vision Europe is published bi-monthly in print and digital editions, and alongside email newsletters IMVE Newsline and IMVE Productline is essential reading for anyone in the fields of imaging and machine vision. It is available at no cost for qualified readers.
Journal of Imaging
The /Journal of Imaging/ (ISSN 2313-433X, http://www.mdpi.com/journal/ji...), is an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal on all interdisciplinary aspects of imaging research, covering image acquisition, processing and understanding. Techniques, procedures, methods, applications or advances in these areas are welcome. It is published by MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland. It has been indexed in INSPEC (IET) from Vol. 3 and in DBLP Computer Science Bibliography.

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